21 August 2012


Well, yesterday afternoon was very interesting. We were taking some pictures of Melina, when we saw smoke behind a hill, not very close to our house, so we called the police and reported a fire. After half an hour, a friend called and asked how close were we. So we run out of the house and what we saw was the fire running down the hill like crazy! The wind was very strong and we were afraid that if it continued with that pace, our house was in danger. Luckily, the firemen did an excellent job and stopped the fire! Well done you guys! Fire should be only in one place... the fireplace!

16 August 2012

Smiles :)

We were busy having friends over to our summer house, so not much time for blogging. But here are some highlight moments: Melina having her first spaghetti, a little turtle that crawled into my beach bag, dinner with friends and of course the, always amazing, sunset!

09 August 2012

Sting (not the singer)

I know I said I wanted to come closer to nature by coming to Milos, but that wasn’t exactly what I meant! You see this beautiful, black creature? Well it stung me right in my left arm. So the past few days, my arm was swollen, I had fever and if that wasn’t enough, I had to take antibiotics for 5 days. Nice! Apart from this, Melina slept on the beach for the first time and also made her first boat trip around the island, swimming in this water! I love Milos!

05 August 2012

Happy Sunday

Well the painting is not over, so no pictures yet. Still enjoying the sun and these little feet!!!

03 August 2012

Summer time

Last night the moon was full. Unfortunately my camera is not good enough to capture “the real thing”. But I can surely tell you it was amazing! Today, I had a really good breakfast. There is some painting to do before going to the sea. I’ll show you tomorrow! But there is always time to fool around with my camera in the house. Don’t you love the summer colors?

01 August 2012


This morning Melina discovered this surfing board! Sometimes I forget how easily children get bored. Ok mum, next please!